“A consulting firm working as part of our team. Cantoli & Asociados contributed added value, providing a strategic and professional view to all consulting services rendered. These achievements lead us to keep on placing our bets on them”.

Viviana Anguilante, Human Resources Manager


“We have been working jointly with Cantoli & Asociados for several years now. I wish to point out their professionalism and team quality, ongoing update and continuous improvement intended to provide us better services. The reports they submit to us are clear, thorough and acute. Their work is highly constructive”.

Lara Lascurain, Recruitment Manager


“Cantoli & Asociados always answers swiftly and proactively. Their team takes a highly flexible approach to fulfil our requests in due time and course, while preserving at all times high quality in their work”.

Rodrigo Abeledo, Head of Employment, Training and Development

Direc TV

“Cantoli & Asociados has become a value-added partner for us. Their team conveys a high degree of professionalism, constant training, swift response, information safe keeping, and in-depth and meticulous reports. We highly value their contribution”.

Juan Gatti, Talent Acquisition Manager